Jul 8, 2012

송계계곡 songgye valley

H'or d'oeuvres from an event for foreign workers... maybe. I semi helped make these, but they unfortunately were sandwiched with some tuna. They do look pretty at least.
 One of the 5 or so stop and camp/splash in the river areas along the valley. It was super packed in the afternoon but everyone started packing up and heading out around 6. Pretty fantastic hang out spot, aside from the insane amount of people/traffic around.
 My wonderful flip flop tan lines that I've worked so hard to achieve. They're coming along nicely for it only being July.
 Head towel fashion?
And more head towel fashion, with shorts hiked up for good measure. Everyone went hardcore with the supplies they brought, even though they were only hanging out for the day. Hanging out in the valley is serious business, and I came unprepared. Next time I'll take more supplies and an extra pair of swimming clothes, because no one seemed to be swimming in swimsuits, but rather their clothes. And if the water hadn't been so icy cold I might've done the same because today definitely was hot enough.

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