Jul 15, 2012

korean ice cream

 When it comes to ice cream in Korea, I think the best place to start is patbingsu. Shaved ice with jellied/fresh fruit and sweet red beans. Above is prepackaged patbingsu you can pick up in the ice cream section.
 And this is patbingsu that was put together at a shop, but packaged for takeout. Definitely much better than the prepackaged one above.
Keeping it traditional Korean style, there are ice cream rice cakes! The green part is rice cake and the inside is ice cream. Totally delicious, but I don't see it in shops as often.
 If you're not that into patbingsu, but like the bean part of it (like me), then there's always bibibik, a bar made only of red beans. There are whole beans in it, it's not just them mashed up and is surprisingly really good.
Another favourite of mine, green tea ice cream cone. If you see green ice cream, more often than not it's green tea flavour (but every now and again it's pistachio).
Some ice cream that I've never tried, corn ice cream! Shaped like corn and has real corn bits! I like corn on pizza, so maybe I'll give this a try sometime...
And last, watermelon ice cream. Not a different experience, just delicious.

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