Jul 13, 2012

food in cambodia

 Morning glory (water spinach or swamp cabbage) and rice.
 Stir fried vegetables with broad noodles.
 Free breakfast that my hotel provided, cheese omelet and bread. 
What also came free with my hotel room, this little newt/lizard guy who seemed to live in my air conditioner and liked to exercise by crawling all over the walls at night.
 Vegetable curry and rice. I didn't really like this too much. it wasn't really that spicy, more sweet than anything because it tasted like they were incredibly liberal with coconut milk when making it.
 Which resulted in a stop by an Indian restaurant later for vegetable korma.
 Pineapple, spinach and black olive pizza.
And my last meal before leaving, Asian salad; lettuce, bean sprouts, pickled radish and some kind of sea vegetable.

Most restaurants were mainly meat based, but there were always a few vegetarian options and they were all more than willing to make something without meat. I didn't really explore Khmer food all that much, instead drinking a lot of iced and bubble tea (something which Korea is lacking in variety of) and just going with a few western foods that I missed.

But at least I got a good amount of Cambodian beers in before I left.
I can't really say that any of them were standouts, but I'd take them over a Hite or Cass any day.

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