Jul 28, 2012

bits of places

 Chungju Dam water museum. I for some reason always thought that they left the buildings when they created Chungju lake by flooding a village. As I learned, they actually spent three years and a whole lot of money moving buildings and artifacts.
 Inside the water museum. One of the few museums I've been to in the last while that was using air conditioning and already had the lights on, they must get a decent amount of visitors.
 Martial Arts Museum. I've been to Tangeumdae park more times than I can remember, but this was my first visit to the museum. Three floors of info and an observation deck looking out on the park, it's a pretty big building and admission is free.
 Goesan Gochu centre, with the gochu man on top. I've seen his likeness spread out all over Chungbuk.
 Bridge exiting Chungminsa shrine, Chungbuk monument no12, dedicated to two generals from the late 1500s who were both posthumously made prime ministers.
The shrine, behind it was a tomb and around the shrine were some trails along the river. If it hadn't been sweltering out and I didn't already have a sun burn on the go, I would've spent more time here as it was a really beautiful area.

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