Jul 15, 2012

shots around cambodia

Some of the things I found photo worthy on my trip:
 Coffin shop by the river.
 Market hair cut.
 Midday stroll.
 One of many children riding around on a scooter helmet-less. In fact, not once did I ever see a child wearing a helmet, even though I saw many as passengers.
 A sign posted in my hotel room.The sad truth of Cambodia's dependency on tourism and what that's meant for some children.
 Rest stop dog. I saw a lot of stray dogs wandering around, not quite as many cats. I saw many animals getting kicked, but I also saw some really poor people treating their cats and dogs as a part of the family.
 The entrance to my hotel. Take off your shoes before you enter, or in most cases, your flip flops.
 One of the many temples at the Angkor Wat park area. It cost $20 for a day pass. Totally worth it, but I could've done without climbing up narrow steps to get to the top of some in ridiculous humidity. Definitely was at temple overload by the end of the day.
 Every site was on constant reconstruction and repair.
 And some felt a bit unsafe at times. To go up, you essentially had to crawl up the stairs and then shimmy back down after.
 Gas station and mini mart. Gas was stored in bottles and just poured into people's tanks as they bought it. The vast majority of vehicles on the roads were scooters, so it made sense.
 Mystery meats at the market.
And a guy welding while opting for minimal skin coverage. I'm not going to lie, I have welded in flip flops before as well, so I guess I really shouldn't be judging. But that was only one time, and my feet were not in direct exposure...

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