Jul 19, 2012

pranking a coworker

Is always a great way to end the week.
And as I learned, is easier than I expected and a roll of plastic wrap goes a long way. My art education definitely helped out here.

It has been raining all week (not yet today) and will rain all weekend. Hello monsoon season, nice of you to drop by.
Which has resulted in what used to be this:
 Turning into this:
 I'm not complaining, I love the rain. And this means I can go swimming in the valley now. As previously everyone told me that I couldn't go swimming anywhere (other than a pool), I had to wait for it to rain. Now is finally that time.
 The weekly boribap (like bibimbap but with some barley mixed in with the rice) shot at the market. I think it's the best option to go with as a group, especially when you have varying dietary needs (vegetarians, allergies to fish, picky eaters, etc). You can just put whatever you want in your bowl and omit what you don't. Total vegetarian dream food.
And something that I've taken up since starting my uni job, toast. I never went to one of these places until Chungju. And to be honest I'm not a huge fan of toast because of a recurring stress dream that I had as a child. Yeah, seriously. Which I once described to one of my classes and they all laughed at me :/

So anyway, it's just a sandwich, but all the shops go by some variation of the name toast. This is sweet potato pizza (egg, pickles, cheese, tomato sauce, sweet potatoes and cinnamon). It sounds kinda gross, but is actually pretty good, and I think it's because of the cinnamon. It reminds me a little of french toast.

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