Jul 22, 2012

chungju legends

One of the things about living in a smaller city is that you get to notice regulars around the city, people you see often or that just stand out. And when people stand out to me, I generally like to draw them. So I've decided to start documenting the people I see in Chungju on a regular basis, or as I like to think of them: the Chungju Legends.

Chungju Legend #1: Pink Scooter with Training Wheels Guy
 I usually see him driving around southern Chungju, always going slower than the rest of traffic, maybe because he's just a cautious guy. Sometimes he'll be giving his wife/girlfriend/casual acquaintance a ride, but most often when I see him, he's puttering along alone. Oftentimes he'll park his scooter and hang out with all his ajeossi friends, usually in front of Emart. Many times I've seen him holding up traffic, which would warrant non-stop honking in Canada, but here, no one seems to mind. He's an older guy, and always around, so maybe he's retired and this is how he likes to spend his time.

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