Jul 7, 2012

cats museum

I decided to make this after reading this post: making spanish tortilla college student style
But instead of making a tortilla, I opted for something similar; a frittata. I used 2 eggs, potatoes, onions, garlic, mushrooms, peppers and cheese. With the cheese it basically ended up looking like an egg pizza. Can't really complain about that.
 Lunch on Friday, bori bibimbap and kalguksu in Seoul, a place I don't go often.

And then the cats museum.
Filled with lots of wonderful cat art.
OK, it was really the Trick Art Museum, but I prefer to remember it this way.
And then we went to the 63 building on Yeouido, these are some shots from the aquarium.
 And then there was the wax museum. And a wax museum is pretty pointless without Michael Jackson, who made me feel pretty short, which I am not.
Blurry Frankenstein outside the mini haunted house.
 Innocent teddy bears being assaulted.
 And a horrible Elvis Presley. After the large head sculpture park and this wax museum, I'm starting to get the impression that Koreans don't put that much effort into creating likenesses. But it was a pretty fantastic trip because there's nowhere I like visiting more than cheesy, slightly creepy, tourist traps like these.

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