Jul 13, 2012

another week of classes

Another week has gone by at ye olde cow university, where we learn alongside cows while not wearing shirts. Summer semester students are still 100x better than regular semester students. And they proved that this week in gifts.
The haul for the week was a box of Margaret cookies, soy milk and a chocolate bar. The only time I got gifts last semester, were as bribes for better grades... it's been a complete 180.
And we got to learn valuable things, like how to appropriately use the word 'really' from some pictures of a crazed lady that really enjoys knitting. Not that I can complain about the textbooks, I picked them myself.
I also found some cat litter that doubles as cat food. That should really cut down on costs, since pet supplies are so expensive here.
 Enjoyed some mulnaengmyun to combat the rampant humidity. It's finally grown on me after 2+ years of not really caring for it.
Made some curry mung bean  pancakes (kinda like bindaeduk) and ate them with ketchup, which would probably horrify Koreans, but was definitely necessary.
And for the first time I noticed, after a late night walk in 대가미 공원 Daegami park, that it looks like old people are banned. Shame.

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