Jul 27, 2012

성마루 seongmaru art museum 미술관

I didn't really think there was much art in Chungju, and that's basically true. But I did find a gallery, west of Chungju National University in a little village area...
 It was surrounded by fields, farms and mountains, so not the easiest place to find or get to.
 When I arrived, I wasn't sure if it was open or not, apparently it's only open from 10am-2pm but I didn't know which days. The lights were out, but like most places I've visited around Chungju that are out in the middle of nowhere, they tend to only keep things on when guests are there. Pretty quickly a man came out of the house right next to the gallery, pushed open the doors, turned on the lights and start playing some easy listening music. It was kinda awesome and what I've come to expect from my travels around the outside of Chungju.

 My favourite artwork in the gallery.
 There were three exhibition rooms and this little place up some stairs in the back. The best art seemed to be here. I was pretty impressed by the place, it was on a whole lot better than the Chungju International Art Exhibition was. 

 A lot of care went into building this place professionally, inside and out. I'm guessing the man that came and opened the place for me was the owner, who established this gallery after retiring from his teaching career. Pretty amazing.
 Some sculptures outside the gallery. There was a pond, trails and gardens right in front and to the side of the museum.
 The entrance to the museum, pretty impressive building. There's even a parking lot to the side. I keep coming across awesome little places hidden away, seemingly in the middle of nowhere. I've definitely been experiencing a whole new Korea since moving to farming country.

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  1. Wow, I'm so happy to hear about this ~ I want to know how to get here! I've been in Chungju over 7 years and never heard about this. (I also thought I was the only female university teacher here, so I'm wondering if there's a forcefield somewhere with a whole alternate reality going on - it would not surprise me for what I've experienced out here in the rice fields.) And, in the spring there will be some art installations at my hanok, so I invite you, whoever you are.....find me via blogspot 'annachip' or on FB worldmusichouse p e a c e