Jul 6, 2012

first week of summer classes

I've just finished the first week of classes and it's a whole lot different from doing regular semester classes. I don't have the same crazy schedule, my classes are much smaller, and the students are a whole lot better. Or maybe I just think that because of the smaller classes? Either way, it's been pretty nice so far. And the rain has been coming down, which has been helpful in keeping things cool. There also have been a lot of thunder storms, I've experienced more in my 4 months in Chungju, then the entire two years I spent in Daegu. Weird.

And looking at the pictures from my camera, it seems like all I've done this past week is go for makgeolli, dongdongju and bibimnaengmyun...
 Makgeolli and tofu kimchi. We were sitting there and my friend hadn't touched the tofu kimchi yet, I asked why she wasn't eating and her response was: "You didn't take a picture yet." Yeah, taking a picture of all meals/snacks has become a ritual that everyone I hang out with is aware of...
 Buchujeon and dongdongju.
And bibimnaengmyun on a hot day. I've been giving the (usually bad) restaurant by my apartment a couple more tries, but when there's a better and cheaper restaurant two blocks away, this only happens when I get really lazy.
Some sidewalk advice at my university:
Your mother

Good advice. And today I had a final talk/advice giving session with one of my students from first semester before her impending one year trip to Canada. They grow up so fast. These past four months have felt a whole lot more like an entire year.

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