Jul 26, 2012

chungju apple museum

The big difference between my summer students and regular semester students, is that my summer students tend to be from Chungju, while regular semester students are mainly from everywhere but here. This has resulted in me getting a lot more info about places around Chungju, when I had thought I'd already covered everything. The apple museum is one of those things.

 It's a bit outside of Chungju, like pretty much everything worth seeing around here, so it's not the easiest to get to if you have to rely on buses. Definitely not walkable. And since it's kind of in the middle of nowhere, (and I guess not really apple season) it wasn't busy at all.

 Apple fountains and an apple statue in the background (there are quite a few of these scattered around Chungju).

 Some dioramas (complete necessity of all Korean museums) of the apple picking process.
 There was also a peach section upstairs. And when I said before that it wasn't busy, I meant that no one was there, in fact the lady looked shocked when I walked in and then turned on the lights and scrambled around the museum turning things on. I don't think they expect any visitors, ever, outside of maybe field trips from schools and during apple harvesting time.

 The peach ripening process, I'm guessing, because everything was entirely in Korean, and the only English was for titles of sections. It was still neat to wander around and check things out though.

 Near the end of the museum they had some plasticized dishes showing various apple dishes. Most of them just seemed to be traditional Korean food with some apples thrown in.
And at the very end was an apple store with all kinds of apple products, like apple guksu/noodles, wine, vinegar, candy, vitamins, jewellry... Totally worth the visit, but I think it'll be best to return once apple season is in full swing.


  1. When does apple season start in Chungju?

  2. my student told me september.
    but there's also a peach festival in august, chestnut festival in september and apple festival in october. i have no idea how big the festivals are though.

  3. Hi! I'm interested to visit Chungju - when is the Apple season to see these on the trees? And when is the Apple Festival?