Mar 31, 2012

bowing to traffic

As I was biking home from shopping, I happened to notice this at the intersection near my apartment:
Ok, so I've seen all kinds of people out on the streets (in front of electronics stores), and in stores dancing around to songs (Homeplus!) to advertise their businesses. And some places like to have people outside directing traffic and bowing (Lotte). But there's only one reason I've seen human advertisements at intersections bowing, etc. Elections, or as Koreans sometimes say, erections! My favourite is when they're being driven around in bongo trucks while music is being played. No better way to get people to vote for you! I don't see why male candidates only seem to have females lined up doing dance routines though... ok, I do, but come on.


  1. Also in ChungJu and viewed this phenomenon today whilst on the way to shop, I too thought that they were advertising some new product, and found them quite entertaining, until I was edified by my Korean employer that Elections are soon. Felt like asking elections for cheerleaders?
    Nice blog! I had aspirations for Vegetarianism in SK but its not really happening. All happiness Emma

  2. how long have you been here for? were you a vegetarian before sk and then gave it up here? i've definitely had some horror story moments being a vegetarian here, but it gets a lot easier once you become familiar with korean food.

  3. Hi have been a veg for two years previously and then had aspirations of rediscovering the health of vegetarianism, alas on my first day I was expected to consume a meat esque dish. Due to the fact that reading product labels is nearly impossible, I cant imagine my aspirations coming true- so Im aiming for sudo veg. Arrived in Sk very recently and still trying to find my grounding, have found a yoga studio so thats one thing organised. Im working at a very small private small where Im the only "native" language teacher . Working at a university must be interesting. Good luck for Friday Un freedom

  4. here's a post i did on korean veg food:
    one of my schools consistently expected me to eat meat even though they knew that i was vegetarian. they really don't understand vegetarianism.
    my job is a unigwon job, so i've got crazy hours, but i'd take it over middle school any day.
    if you ever have any questions about veg food here, or ever want to try a veg friendly restaurant, let me know. there's another vegetarian that i work with as well, who knows a whole lot of korean. it's not as tough as it seems at first.

  5. Thanks, thats great- will go look at the link now. When you adventure to a veg friendly restaurant next let me know, my email is I stay in close vacinity to the Macdonalds (Im not sure if there's more than one, its the one next to a stationary shop and a NHS bank). Have a great week