Mar 3, 2012

vegetarian options at the big chain stores

I used to live in Daegu, and the main vegetarian soy meat type options could be bought at Emart, they were made by Emart and tasted pretty atrocious. Rubbery and bland. I tried a few different ones, didn't finish them and steered clear of their soy meats from then on.

Since moving to Chungju, I've checked out the selection at Emart and Lotte, and here's what I've found:

Emart - canned beans! I've never seen a larger selection. In addition to these, they have kidney beans, a few types of baked beans, and another type I can't remember from fratelli. Cost was under 3,000 won each. The entire Emart soy meat collection was missing from their freezers, so either Emart stopped making them, or they just don't carry them here. Not sad to see them go either way.
Another thing they have (although not exclusive to Emart, I've bought it from the GS25 Supermarket as well) is:

Onion tofu type sausage. It's not as firm of a consistency as I'd like, but it'd be nice to add to a stir fry. I found myself just cutting it up into chung gook jang.

Lotte - Vegefood! Each package was under 5,000 won. They also had a sausage, but it was 8,000+ won, and soy cutlets, but I'm just not ready for those. You can order these products from (if you know some Korean, or have someone that can help you out), but it's really nice being able to pick them up in store. Loving Hut also has a good selection of soy meats, but there aren't any Loving Huts in Chungju...

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