Mar 2, 2012

자유시장 jayou market

I've already been to this market a few times, biking, but this was my first time walking. It's not that far from our apartment, maybe a 20 minute walk or so. And markets are pretty fascinating places to wander around in.
How every market looks, pretty much. This one is mostly inside though.
I went with two other teachers and we just wandered around a bit, checking out the offerings.
Splayed out fish, with some pretty fantastic vapors being blown across them.
Chicken gift pack, with chestnuts, dates, rice cakes...
pig head and traditional Korean hats
순대 sundae - intestine/blood sausage
Pumpkins and mystery objects.
So the market has some pretty gross looking stuff, but it's always an interesting place to check out and get food at. There's a wide variety of food, clothing, housewares and other interesting stuff that you can get cheaper here than at any of the major players like Emart.

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