Mar 9, 2012

Restauranting on the go in Korea

There are restaurants all over the place, with a huge menu that are cheap, fast and a good place to try new things out. Usually they're called kimbap 김밥 something, nara, mania, pasa, cheonguk... and usually they're orange and look something like this:
And here is an example of a menu you'd find in one of these restaurants:
Yeah, they have a ton of stuff... The quality of the food varies place by place as well. Here's a picture of bibimbap I got on the go at Food 2900:
It came with kimchi, odeng (fishcakes), soup (really just broth with a couple slices of green onion) and a rolled omelet as banchan/sides. It was ok, cost 4,500 won, which is kinda pricey (but things in Chungju seem to be).

And here is a picture of boribap (ok, I eat a lot of bibimbap/boribap) that I got at a restaurant that specializes in boribap and kalguksu:
Same price 4,500 won, located not too far from Food 2900. It came with two kimchis, spinach, onions, lotus root, doraji, and little fish. Granted I was with a friend and that's their chunggukjang in the middle. But as far as the quality of the meal goes, it was so much better at the specialty restaurant (of course).

Kimbap places are everywhere and have a vast selection, making them a great starter place, for those unfamiliar with Korean food, to build up a repertoire of good dishes. But for the best food, you need to go to a place with a downsized menu. And when the prices are comparable, and you're comfortable with Korean food, why wouldn't you?

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