Mar 17, 2012

Be kind to trees

One of the things I like about Korea is their approach to trees, putting up guard rails and giving them support beams. It's always nice to see.
This weekend was spent biking around Chungju, finding new art and stationary stores, visiting temples and just unwinding from the past week.
Some of the sights:
Guards at the entrance gate to a Buddhist temple.
Pagoda and Buddha at the temple, it's always nice to stumble upon a temple in the middle of the city and be able to escape all the cars, ads and noise. Some people think once you've seen one temple, you've seen them all. But I feel like I always experience something new with each temple I visit.

Some of the eats:
Jjin bbang (sweet red beans inside a steamed bun) at the market.
Kalguksu (noodles in anchovy broth) at the market.

More sweet potato pizza! So much pizza, in such a short amount of time.

And some of the randomness:

S-club (!!!!!) diet dance ad on a van!
 My amazing new sketch book that says:
Do yourself. Nobody is invited on your life. Fill out your own style. Only your own sketch is available on and valued. This book is the reason to exist.

...and the mural from art night!

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