Mar 7, 2012

First week...

I've had a few classes so far, but have yet to start my crazy schedule, which will be happening next week. So far I've just decorated my office a little and wandered aimlessly around campus hoping to find someone with a colour printer that's willing to print stuff for me. And these are some nice things that I've stumbled upon along the way:

A bike going up the art building, and it's not just any bike, it's a couple bike!!!

I was pretty tempted to knock on their door, but that probably would've been incredibly awkward...
My fantastic cubicle, nicely decorated, and it even has an appropriated laminator! Out of sheer annoyance with the ridiculousness that's happening around my workplace, I've decided that the best way to soften the blow is to hoard office supplies.
My awesome background of the coolest place around, the cat cafe!

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