Mar 13, 2012


This is the first week of full time classes. So far things have revolved around choosing textbooks, trying really hard to get those textbooks (seriously, they didn't want to give them to me even though I'm a teacher), figuring out students' English levels, writing course outlines/syllabi, replying to random, and I mean random, student emails, and wandering around campus trying to find out exactly where I need to be. And the wonderful experience of getting lost and being late to class... which is extra horrible when you're the teacher. Yeah, that happened.
Thankfully, there's lots of this available to drink.
And plenty of good Korekan food around.
We've had mini celebrations for finishing little tasks, like getting pizza after the semi first day... which I don't really consider a celebration, but whatever. After finishing this week, I think it'll be about time for a real celebration. And getting back to epic photo moments like this:
 Time really flies... when you've got so much work to do.

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