Mar 15, 2012

work life

Two more classes and I've survived the first week on a full schedule and it's the weekend!
Some events of the past two weeks:

We were told one day during our first week that we would be going to a "meeting" the next day. It was an awkward meeting where lots of grandiose ideas were told to us, then we were ushered into a van and off to a restaurant.

Since two of the three of us are vegetarians, which thankfully they were aware of and cared, we got a pretty decent spread of veggie friendly foods.
It was a pretty snazzy restaurant.
Then we headed back to the school and were left on our own to prepare for the next week of an insane schedule of classes...
As a welcoming present to myself, and to make up for my lack of vacation, I ordered a massive quantity of stuff from I love iherb.
 Artichoke hearts, rye bread, indian food, brown basmati rice, mac n cheese, chai tea, sauerkraut, chips, and vegetarian gravy.

I should've added this to my pizza post, but here's sweet potato pizza from Pizza School! Chocked full of sweet potatoes, corn and onions, with a mystery sauce! Sounds horrible, tastes delicious! And it's the perfect lunch when you've got an 8 hour break in between classes. Yes, 8 hours.
Some awesome university student art:
Hello! I'm Dayoung and Eunbyeol friend Kiring. I'm 19 years old. I from Africa (I miss you mommy!) I'm a hair designer my monthly pay is fives leaf. My dream is have a boyfriend. Please call me! I'm sexy.

And some awesome cubicle art:
Tonight will be a mug wine and art night at the cat cafe in celebration of surviving the first week of an intense work schedule. Just two more classes to go.

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