Mar 5, 2012

Pizza 피자

Pizza here isn't quite the same as at home, it sometimes comes with tomato sauce that is sweet, or cheese that is a little different, but there are some pretty cheap vegetarian options and lots of different places to choose from.

Last night we went to Pizza Maru 피자마루
 And this was the chosen pizza:
야채 vegetable pizza, 6,000 won. The dough at Pizza Maru is labeled 웰빙 well being, as it's made from a bunch of different grains. And we opted to add on 고구마 sweet potato mousse, for an extra 1,000 won. The toppings it came with were onions, peppers, mushrooms and corn. And in the top right are the customary side of pickles! Corn and sweet potatoes are super popular pizza toppings here. They're actually pretty good, or maybe I've been here too long...

Their other vegetarian option was cheese, or sweet potato, if you ask for it without meat.

Another good cheap pizza place with more than one veggie option is Pizza School! They have cheese and sweet potato for around 5,000 won. Costco definitely has the best tasting pizza though, at 2,500 won a slice, or around 12,000 for a large (and it's huge) pizza. The only option there is cheese pizza though. Emart has pizza as well, but after trying it once, decided it wasn't worth it as it didn't stand up to the competition.

There are tons of different places, and the main three veggie options (not every place has these, it varies) always tend to be cheese, sweet potato and vegetable. Be careful though, some places consider ham a vegetable... I'm looking at you 피자 사랑 Pizza Love.

And if you're not concerned about doing things on the cheap, you can always go for Pizza Hut or Domino's (which has English online ordering setup). Or Mr Pizza which has a pretty fantastic motto...
You'll be paying quite higher prices for it though.

And another wonderful thing about Korean pizza, if you get it for take out, is that they'll wrap it up with a fancy little ribbon for your carrying convenience!

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