Apr 1, 2012

sunday round up

Tomorrow is Monday, the start of a new week. Some pictures from the weekend of freedom:
Let's just go straight to food. A tofu restaurant I need to visit in the future. Unfortunately it was locked much to this man's dismay, as well as mine.
In the back dwaenjang and in the front, mine, chunggookjang. It was at a small restaurant (someone's home) and she wasn't super impressed that we wanted similar soups, but weren't willing to settle on one, but it was worth it.
Beer, with pretzel sticks and ice cream for sides. Super weird combination at a popular (maybe?) Chungju downtown spot.
Cannelini bean curry and basmati rice, thanks iherb!
Homemade pizza, the best kind. With mushrooms, broccoli, artichoke hearts and green olives on garlic and sesame crust. My favourite pizza topping is green olives, which never happens with Korean pizza. More incentive to make my own.
 A nice bike ride in the country side by my university where I discovered cows, with unfortunate nose harnesses, that seemed incredibly interested in checking out the foreigner on a bike. They definitely don't get a lot of traffic out here.
Cemetery that I bike by every day on my way to school. Cemeteries are a bit different than back home, as there are burial mounds, and the traditional location is to be buried in the mountains. Their living family members then take care of their burial mounds by clipping the grass and visiting during special occasions. Which is the same here, I saw a woman clipping the grass with hand held shears as I went through. This cemetery seems to only be for Christian/Catholic (ok, I'm not good with religions) Koreans though.

And two amazing finds in Seoul, thanks to The View From Over Here:
An old fashioned scuba helmet, if only I could afford it. Surrounded by lots of awesome trinkets at the flea market.

And cat newspaper fabric!!! I still can't believe this even exists.
So now I've got enough fabric to get started on new paintings, and a mini sewing machine for all future sewing endeavors. It was a good weekend.


  1. be sure to post the results of the wine, military rations, and any art you produce with what you bought! btw, tested my helmet and gloves out on a 40km bike ride and it was perfect!

  2. already posted my military meal, new and old! i'll definitely post more as i get to it.
    congrats on the 40k!

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