Apr 18, 2012

midterms week is complete

Cherry blossoms are out in full force. It was pretty cold and windy here for the longest time, but it has finally warmed up. No more scarfing it to work every day.
The view on the way into school, absolutely beautiful. I have no idea what the yellow bushy guys are, but they definitely add a lot to the cherry blossoms. It's so much nicer biking into this, rather than colourless trees.
I'm glad spring is finally here, although I'm already dreading summer. Cherry blossoms (and subsequent festivals) have always been such a big part of my spring experience in Korea,  and I'm really happy to finally see them.
My name in Korean, is a bit different than in English. In Korea, I have a cookie name (yep, I'm a cookie in Korea) and you drop the first r. I always end up being mah gah rait. Which is totally cool, I don't care, nor do I mind when I get my name misspelled on a regular basis. Although it was kind of ridiculous when my co-teachers (English teachers) did it, but it is pretty awesome being Magaret Pro now. My all time favourite misspelling of my name goes to Mag-art for sure though.

And on that note, although it was awesome getting to sleep in each day (I have less classes during midterms), I'm so glad midterms are over. There's only so much 애교 aegyo (people acting cute to over the top proportions) and ᅲᅲ (crying emoticons) that I can take in a given time. It was one thing when my middle school students did it, but getting it from university students is a whole different beast.

And now on to Jeju!

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