Apr 15, 2012

sunday night midterms dread

It's another Sunday night, and midterms start tomorrow. So far I've only gotten one "Dear Margaret, ..." email, so things are looking good. Or maybe I'll be waking up to a whole lot more of those from the procrastinators.

It was another nice, sunshiny day, perfect for bibimguksu (cold noodles with pepper paste, vegetables and an egg).
I finished my painting and sadly it wasn't as successful as I hoped. Just in case anyone wanted to know, painting on fabric used for hanbok just warps it. I've decided to scratch my painting series and will be making something else with the hanbok fabric instead. It didn't help that I kept thinking of star trek as I was making this painting...
And thanks to midterms week, I'll get to sleep in every day! In my wonderful new bed, which I've aptly decided to name Sweden. Featuring Abby, spending copious amounts of time in her favourite country. And on the weekend, I'll finally be going to Jeju. I've been in Korea for way to long to have never visited Jeju.

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