Apr 9, 2012

lead up to the vote

The past couple of days in pictures:
Downtown spy dog.
Market meat store, that sells dog meat, but has a cat in the cage out front...?
Red bean and cream cheese stuffed crust. Something I need to try, along with pumpkin pizza.
Cheese dolsot bibimbap. 
:/ Is this supposed to be some kind of political/social statement, or just a case of bad English?
And my bed. So my school mistakenly got me a small bed when I first moved in, but no one bothered to correct or acknowledge that mistake and maybe hoped I would ignore it as well? Which made for wonderfully uncomfortable conversation that finally led to them agreeing to get me a bigger bed, since they were supposed to in the first place, even though they really didn't want to... Well, here's that bed, just hanging out in the hallway. Maybe one day it'll be in my apartment. And maybe one day I'll get some chairs for my kitchen table, instead of being stuck with chairs from my university's classrooms. One can hope.
But at least this gives Abby a chance to say goodbye to the old bed, since she refuses to get off of it. She didn't mind at all that I was pulling off the covers and sheets from under her.

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