Apr 8, 2012

sunday cattle call

Today it was nice and warm out, it's finally feeling like spring. I've been craving bibimguksu (cold noodles with pepper paste and vegetables) for awhile now (and generally like eating a lot of it in spring/summer) but have always been settling for bibimnaengmyun (cold chewy noodles and vegetables) and it just isn't the same. Today I decided it was time.
I came across a bunch of tofu places along the way, but happy tofu wasn't quite what I was looking for.
Some other time happy tofu, some other time.
 Finally, I found a noodle place that advertised bibimguksu. It looked like a pretty decent place from the outside, but after ordering and receiving my meal, I was left unimpressed. It wasn't horrible, it was just average. I don't know, some food tastes a little different in Chungju than it did in Daegu. Maybe I'm just a little pickier now than I used to be? It always seems to come down to the gochujang or red pepper paste...

Either way, I was inspired to pick up a plethora of rainbow guksu in preparation for spring, or as I think of it, my personal bibimguksu food season. The best way to avoid disappointment is to make it yourself, then you can make it to your own personal taste.

And some pictures from my leisurely bike around Chungju:
 I live in farmland, so biking outside of the city always involves lots of farms, fields and creepy scarecrows.
Vast expanses of fields, orchards, mountains and a tiny house.
A lonely looking dog waiting outside a budongsan (place to find apartments). The place was closed, so I hope someone eventually stopped by to take the little guy home.

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