Apr 29, 2012

chubby chicken couch aerobics

So I've got about 10 different nicknames for Abby, and one of those is chubby chicken, because she has tiny chicken legs in comparison to the rest of her body. This is her fantastic pose during her daily couch aerobics session which generally entails her thrashing around wildly on the couch and then sprinting off meowing.

It finally is spring, and I'm really hoping we don't go straight into summer in a week, summer is my least favourite season. My tomato plants are growing like weeds, so I brought them home some support sticks. And then the support sticks just kept growing.
And today I discovered there are fish in the lake by my apartment, enough to draw in fishers with their families on a sunny afternoon. That's what's in the plastic container, a little bit of water and a whole lot of fish. One of them could only fit in there curled around into a 'c' shape. What a horrible way to spend the last bit of your life.
And there are more murals happening in the neighborhood! I really want to paint a mural at my university...

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