Apr 28, 2012

bibimguksu and makgeolli in jeju

Alright, this doesn't look incredibly delicious, but this is the best bibimguksu (cold noodles, hot pepper paste and vegetables) I've ever had. And the first time I've ever gotten it served premixed. Everywhere else I've had it, it came with half a boiled egg, but it always came eggless in Jeju. And guksu is pretty popular in Jeju, so I saw restaurants everywhere.
Another bibimguksu. This was still good, but not as good as the one above. They were both cheaper than restaurants in Chungju :/
And some orange makgeolli (on the  right) and alcoholic orange... something on the left. They were both good, definitely worth tasting. But if I ever mix anything with magkeolli, it's orange juice, so I wasn't as psyched about it as I was about the guksu.

Jeju is a bit different than the rest of Korea, so it felt like a nice little getaway, even though I didn't leave Korea. And food wise, it was pretty fantastic.

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