Apr 5, 2012


It's April, and it's still cold and windy. It seems like the wind has been howling at my windows and trying to blow me over while biking for such a long time.  And even though I got a ridiculous amount of sleep last night, I still feel tired. It has been a long week, but at least it's the weekend.
This week I made triangle kimbap, I filled them with curry or tofu and kimchi. The seaweed is sold in ready to fold packages and it even came with the mold, so they were super easy to make. And since I've never seen a vegetarian option of these sold, this is the only way to go.
The triangles of Chungju, it's nice to finally see the grass turning green.
Curry from the German design student. Pretty schmancy, but only made me crave Indian curry.
 Abby hiding from the dreaded vacuum. I normally feel bad, but since she spent a good hour trying to ice skate across my face this morning in an attempt to wake me up to feed her...
And what being tired inspires in the kitchen, a giant pot of chili:
1 can each, baked, kidney and pinto beans
1 can tomatoes
2 small onions
4 cloves of garlic
5 오이 고추 small, mild peppers (I use these instead of bell peppers because they're usually
                                                     cheaper and easier to find, plus they're an awesome
                                                     snack dipped in dwaenjang/bean paste)
1 large potato
chili powder, salt, pepper and tabasco sauce to taste
olive oil, to fry the onions and garlic in, before adding other ingredients

And at the end, when everything is cooked, I add some TVP (textured vegetable protein) to absorb any remaining water. It's a good substitute for ground beef when you're making recipes vegetarian, although it's flavourless on its own. I never make lasagna without it.

What can you do with so much chili? Put some in the freezer for later, eat on it's own, over rice, have a messy chili cheese sandwich, or chili cheese fries. Plus chili is pretty hard to mess up, it still tastes good with weird additions (like radishes). Definitely one of the easiest meals I ever make.

 And what I'm looking forward to, more art time. I've started my first painting on the fabric I picked up in Seoul. I'm feeling a bit rusty when it comes to painting though, I've been spending most of my time on drawing and photography.

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