Aug 3, 2012

lake festival

This weekend is the lake festival, it started on Thursday and ends this Sunday. There's a bunch of events, concerts and sports... for free! So if you don't mind the excessive heat and humidity it's pretty awesome. Which I kinda do since my skin still feels pretty crispy from last weekend's sunburn that has now just started to peel.

Lake festivus is out at Jungangtap park, so like everything a bit outside of the city and not the easiest to get to if you rely on public transportation. But it's hard to miss once you get there.

 "Famous" makguksu restaurant, the most popular food out there.
 The prettiest makguksu I've ever had.
 And one thing that I still find fascinating about Korea, summer fashion. Back home, it gets hot most people wear less and soak up the sun. In Korea, it gets hot most people cover everything up and avoid the sun like the plague.
 Unless you are a guy, then you just hike your shorts right on up.
But for the most part, guys cover up and avoid the sun just as much as women.

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