Aug 4, 2012

bike failure

I don't know, if you've got a brace around your torso and are in hospital wear, I don't think you should really be riding a scooter around. Maybe there aren't any other options?

This is the weekend of bike failure. The clutch decided to give out on my motorcycle, while I was naturally in the middle of nowhere and now it's in the shop. And yesterday I took my bicycle to the shop to get a flat fixed, which resulted in a new inner tube. Today, from the disgustingly humid heat that has engulfed Chungju, the new inner tube expanded to the point that it stretched and pushed my tire up and out of the rim. So now I need to take it back to the shop for repairs. Or maybe I should just buy a couple more tools and become self sufficient. Either way, it's too hot to be going around without some form of transportation and losing both forms in one day is a pretty horrible way to end an otherwise awesome weekend.

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