Aug 15, 2012

random collection

The schedule has been set for the next semester at my uni and shockingly it's not horrible, it's actually fantastic, thanks to my stressed out intervention. Which apparently was immediately obvious to my students (who like to comment on my face on a regular basis) because I was told "your face look happy" at the start of class the next day. Which is a whole lot better to hear than, "your face look tired" or "your face look better today" or any other random observations my students usually like to give me.

Some random shots:
 Kimbap, pumpkin salad and some tomatoes that a student made me for lunch one day. Which was all pretty fantastic, except I had to pop out the imitation crab and ham from the kimbap. I'm going to miss my summer students a whole lot. First semester was incredibly stressful and summer was the complete opposite.
 석종 temple, my favourite temple in Chungju and a place I like to go to think and just relax. I don't 
know what it is, but I always feel a little bit happier visiting a temple than I did before going.
 Abby boss catting it out on some pillows.
 The guy to the left is totally wearing hospital clothes and sporting an iv, which is normal practice in Korea. Even after two years, it's still weird to see hospital patients roaming the streets.
 A trip to the beach that was mostly rained out. Someone got a little ocd with everyone's bags and shoes and decided to line them all up. Whatever makes you happy.
The bus lighting, always ready for a spontaneous norae (singing) bus party. The microphone even comes with an automatic echo, just to balance out the various singing levels. An essential Korean experience.

As for me, I have one class left of my summer semester and then I'm officially on vacation and off to China! So more non posting in the immediate future!

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