Aug 15, 2012

songgye valley from long ago

Due to craziness, I haven't really posted much. So bringing back events from the past while, is a trip to Songgye valley.
Since it's summertime, it's super busy and we had to pay an entrance fee :/ This is a prime camping spot, and if you can tell from the picture, Koreans like to camp a whole lot differently than I'm used to. As in, side by side, everyone together. No space left unused, you pretty much walk through everyone's campsite to get around. And everyone brings a whole lot of supplies along with them to make sure their experience is as comfortable as possible. No roughing it here, or making bonfires, everyone brings a grill. But if you've spent your whole life in an apartment, I can see how it makes sense. But if you're a small town Canadian like me and grew up with a whole lot of space... it's a bit different.
 It almost felt like we were in a refugee camp because it was so packed.
 And even though it's monsoon season, the rain really dropped off, so the river had more rocks to offer than water, but there were still some spots to splash around in.
We also brought our own food to snack on down by the river. Not exactly camping food, but kimbap, japchae, beer and wine. And the people we were camping/squatting with were incredibly generous, as most Koreans in my experience are, and offered to share a whole lot of food with us. Which included a plate of dried squid, to the right. I've never eaten squid so I can't understand its appeal, but its ridiculously popular here...

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