May 13, 2012

things i learned on the weekend

1. Chungju has a drive in theatre!
It's behind this wedding hall:
And nearby this rusty, land locked boat:
This is all in or on the way to Chungju's industrial area. There's a market out there as well, but it just looked like a bunch of fruit and vegetable depots. More of a place to drive to as it ends with farmland.
2. Danyang is a much prettier city than Chungju, with a lot more things to do, aside from the caves.
They even have an aquarium, if you're into that kind of stuff.
And they've even got a weird story to go along with the city. There are pictures of this man and woman all over the city. And they exist in rock form (along with the husband's mistress) in the river. Apparently she couldn't give birth to children so either they both (or maybe just the husband) decided to find a mistress to give birth to an heir. Having a mistress in the equation made things a bit weird, and the heavens greatly disapproved, so they were turned into stone. The big stone being the husband, the smaller ones the wife and mistress. I'm not sure if the woman pictured with the man all over the place is the wife or the mistress though...

3. I'm not crazy about kong guksu. I keep expecting it to grow on me and it never does. I love guksu in general, so I'm pretty disappointed that it hasn't.
 It's essentially noodles in soy milk with some vegetables and sesame seeds. You're supposed to add in salt as well, but I never do. It's nice and cold, so good on a hot day, but it always tastes like it's lacking something. Maybe that salt that I never put in.

4. Abby enjoys taking her daytime nap sessions on the couch and then her nighttime sessions on the bed. This isn't new info at all, just general cat stuff.

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