May 4, 2012

children's day and the five day market

Today is children's day, which means parents buy their kids gifts and take them to mini festivals filled with face painting, balloons, bubbles and performances in their honor (if a festival happens to exist in your area).
And one just happens to be taking place about a block away from my apartment.
People were standing around with balloons, waiting to hand them out to any balloon less children. All I could see were lots of lines to do paper crafts or get faces painted, but not a whole lot happening otherwise. But then I'm not a kid, nor do I have a kid, so this holiday is lost on me.
And in case you didn't know, Chungju is holding the rowing championships in 2013! If you ever go through the city, it's really hard not to notice, there are rowing murals and ads everywhere.
And I finally hit up the market on an expanded market day! Every 5 days (maybe?) the market has extra vendors outside in the tents, otherwise the tents just sit empty. I only picked up a pair of sunglasses and didn't spend a whole lot of time there because I wasn't prepared for a big market day adventure.
Especially after picking up this mound of deodeok at the caves in Danyang the other day. Oh well, I'll be ready next time.


  1. There's a 5 day market in Yangsuri where my boyfriend's grandmother's house is, too. But it seems to be there more often than just every 5 days... I don't get it..

  2. Yeah, I've heard the Chungju one was five days, but also heard it was longer than that. The sign at the market said five days, but maybe they have an open concept of that. Now I just think of it as an added bonus when I visit on an expanded market day.