May 11, 2012

수안보 suanbo and worak mountain 월악산

I decided to take a trip out to Suanbo for lunch. I briefly went through there before while road tripping, but we didn't stop. Suanbo is known for its hot springs, and is set up as a tourist destination, lots of restaurants and hotels. I wasn't really interested in taking a dip in the hot springs, I just wanted to spend some time checking out the city. It's located about 30 minutes south of Chungju.
It's a pretty and quirky little place...
There were these pheasant statues all over the place, so it must be the specialty of the city.
I opted for the ever popular bibimbap, always an easy choice. There were a ton of restaurants to choose from and prices were slightly higher than average, this cost 6,000 won, but it came with some pretty decent sides. The egg came all gooey on top, which actually happens a fair bit, so not for those with runny egg fears.
If I had been in the mood for noodles, I could've eaten cheap, so not every place has their sights set on tourists. Suanbo is pretty small, so it didn't take that long to walk around and check everything out. But unfortunately the market was closed.
I did come across a friendly cat though. Normally cats just run away, this is only the second cat I've ever met on the street in Korea that wasn't afraid. It actually meowed out to me and relished all the attention. It had a food dish nearby, so I guess its used to hanging out with strangers.
And then I headed to Worak mountain. From the signs all over, it's known for having stubby horned goats and boars as well, not that I saw any.
But I gave up on the hike pretty quickly, since I didn't really come prepared for a long hike since visiting was a last second decision. But I will tackle Woraksan one day...
And just because it's awesome, two cats waiting outside a fish restaurant in Jeju.

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