May 20, 2012

random picture set

Captured moments that never made it into any posts:
 Abby hanging out on a pile of Korean socks. Korean socks are the best socks.
 Beer and snacks at the local hof. Cookie-esque chips and tofu chips. I was working on a drawing inspired by my ghost student. One day he asked me "Do you know 라면?" 라면 = ramen/instant noodles. So totally ridiculous question, of course I know it. This was after telling me he likes to drink heavily about 5 days a week and ramen is his favourite drinking food or 안주. Good times. I like how much my students are willing to open up. Most of the time, definitely not all of the time. sigh. I have some pretty racist and body dysmorphic students.
Dinner of champions: eggplants, tofu, rice and vodka.
Mr. Pizza, an expensive pizza place in Korea. They still have love for women. Fantastic slogan.
Spread from a lunch at my university. We were told it was a lunch where the foreign professors would get to know each other. Really it was just a workshop where they tried to sell us on using some online whateverness to keep our classes and students better connected. They talked and showed ppt slides the entire time we were eating. And then lunch was over. Awesome. At least I got a 32gb usb out of it. Which I have yet to use...
Mountain side dog colony. You can only see two in the picture, but there were four on leashes out here, with little doggy shacks.
The first sight that made me believe spring was really here in full force. There's a woman in the bottom left corner collecting something. I always see people out picking random things from trees or the grass... and I wish I knew what they were picking and could pick it myself and cook with it. Jealous :/ Especially when my students tell me about their mountain root picking adventures. Picking roots in the mountains sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon.
Convenience store dog in Jeju. I don't really see a lot of animals in Korea. So most of my animal sightings are either dogs or cats. In both awesome and incredibly sad situations. Thankfully, this is one of the awesome moments.

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