May 20, 2012

sunday night dread

I'm not looking forward to final exams, happening in a few weeks. Grading, failing students, excuses, emails and desperate pleas. But hey, at least my first semester as a uni teacher will be over. And hopefully it will be easier come next semester.

Soon it will be uncomfortably warm. Nothing makes me unhappier than heat and humidity. I'm Canadian. I don't enjoy sweating while not doing anything. Or not being able to enjoy the outdoors because it's just too hot. Or those sunburns that I manage to accumulate immediately. Or the extra cat hair that inevitably gathers and flies throughout my apartment. At least I lucked out and have ac in my apartment, but I think it's time to get a fan. I've managed without one for the last two years (I've always had ac) but I'm going for all around comfort this year.

This weekend it was pretty warm but not too bad and I decided to enjoy it while I can and just relax before the humidity and exam time kicks in. That involved lots of biking around the city, sleeping in, lazing around with Abby, watching movies, drawing and cooking.
 Some ionic oriental water that I picked up after a bike ride to rehydrate.
A nice hof on the edge of the city that I keep meaning to check out but have yet to.
 And some food I've cooked on the weekend, butter bean curry and rice.
 Spaghetti and tofu balls.
I made them from a block of firm tofu, a shredded carrot, chopped onion, garlic, ground oatmeal, ground pecans, basil, salt, pepper, ketchup and liquid smoke. Weird combination, but they work perfectly when I get a craving for spaghetti and meatballs.

My overgrown tomato plants that keep growing like weeds, I need to get lots more support sticks soon before they become a permanently tangled mess.

And a short video of Abby sneezing into the couch and then running off, during one of her daily spazz out sessions.

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