Jun 3, 2012

미타사 mita temple

I found the other 성충문구 big stationary store downtown. It was closed, forever. And then minutes later my bike chain broke and fell off. Luckily there was a bike store close by and 5 minutes and 15,000 won later, I had a new bike chain. First time that's ever happened.
Then I stopped for bibimbap. And it came with beef, which doesn't happen often. So I got to scoop that out before enjoying. It wasn't looking like a good day.
I decided to take a trip west of Chungju, since I always seem to go north, east, or south. I went Eumseong way on 36 and noticed a sign for a temple. My first thought was to just keep going, until I saw the giant gold Buddha peeking out from the hills.
 Then I knew I had to stop.
 He was surrounded by tons of little Buddhas.

And big markers were out front. It was a Buddhist cemetery.
The view down from the big gold Buddha. It's impossible not to see from the highway and definitely worth stopping by for a visit and it wasn't very busy, I think there were a total of four other people there when I visited. But then this area generally never seems busy.

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