Jun 17, 2012

bruised by the mountains

Another road trip around the mountains.
 The most beautiful parts of this area are outside or on the edge of Chungju city.
 Chungju lake.
 The major undertaking of the day was climbing the fortress wall up the mountain, in flip flops of course.
 Resting on the plains along the lake.
 Nice little dock that would've been cool to hang out on, if there was some way to get to it...
 Bibimbap and dongdongju at a roadside restaurant.
 And back in Chungju, a crane stalking minnows in the river that goes through the city.
 Bibimguksu, cold noodles with spicy pepper paste, with the most sesame seeds I've ever gotten on anything ever. My favourite summer food.
 홍초 hongcho, vinegreat vinegar drink. It's not as sour as normal vinegar and pretty awesome for adding to drinks.
And my battered and bruised leg from clambering up the fortress wall. A painful memento from a weekend of mountains. But in good news, I only have two days of school this week (for exams) and once I finish marking and submit my grades I'll be heading off to Cambodia! I applied for an e-visa and already received it. They said it would only take three days or less. I applied for it on Friday, and assumed they didn't count the weekend. But obviously they do, as I received it today, a Sunday. Now I'm all set.


  1. wow, looks amazing.... yet another reason to get myself to Chungju.... I'll have to make another attempt when I'm back in the country!

  2. you should! it's at its most beautiful now, but changes quite a bit in winter.