Jun 18, 2012


It's finals week. Only two more classes to go and then it's over. I pretty much only go in to school to view final presentations and then boot it back home to finish grading and submit grades. Mainly so I don't get caught by students wanting to complain about their grades not being good enough. And not being good enough generally means not being an A+.
The not so subtle cover of two students' dialogue that they handed in. I submitted some grades yesterday and have yet to get any emails so I'm holding out hope I'm making it through the week unscathed.
I also loaded up on chocolate, strawberry, banana and green tea soy milk to help ease the grading pain.

As I was exiting my apartment I noticed this hideous couch lurking to the right. Looks like there's going to be a new teacher at my university. That's the same ugly style couch that used to be in my apartment. I wonder who the lucky person is. I hope they got an air conditioner, now isn't really a good time to arrive to an apartment without one.

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