Jun 14, 2012

lunch, scooter training and dinner

Today was a pretty nice day, aside from the fact that I didn't have any classes but I still went into school to get work done. Next week, I give exams and then I'm finished and get a brief vacation. So recently my time has been spent marking, figuring out grades and getting everything prepped so that I just have to lock in final exam scores, submit grades and peace on out to a fantastic vacation.
 I finally stopped by the train cafe when it was open and stopped in to get a frilly drink and do some writing. I was the only one there aside from two other men. It took quite a bit of time for the server to prepare my peppermint cocktail, but it seemed like the perfect atmosphere to get some work done.
Something I really like about Korea, buttons at tables. Servers don't check on you to see if you need anything. When you want something, you just press a button and they show up. Genius.

And today was an action packed day of a relaxing lunch with some good students, 물냉면cold noodles for me, which I didn't take a picture of. Then it was on to scooter training with friends by the stadium! Well, not training for me, for someone heading off to Thailand, I was just giving some tips. Scooters are super easy to learn how to drive. After some wobbly time spent on an incredibly generous guy's scooter, we went to dinner, 보리밥 boribap at the market, one of my favourite Korean foods.
 Basically you get a bowl of rice and barley and you just add in whatever you like that's sitting on the table!
 We passed by the opening of a chicken restaurant and this is how you do an opening in Korea. Guy on stilts with balloons, big dancing balloon man, arch of balloons and a female dancer. Basically, lots of balloons and a female thrown in for sex appeal.
And a creepy clown at a bike shop for good measure.
To end with a less creepy picture, Abby hanging out in my newly blind covered windows with my tomato plant sprouting to new lengths at the side. I can't wait until I finally have tomatoes.

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