Sep 16, 2012

world mart

I've been asked many times how to get there after people haven't been able to find it, and walked people to its location, so I figured it's time to make a map.
Here's a picture to try to explain it's location. If you walk under the tented area, on the edge of the market, alongside the river, you will come across the market. In this picture you can see a banner and tube advertising World Mart in Korean and English, so when you find those, you've found World Mart in an alley about ten metres away. Note the orange triangle bridge to the top right hand corner of the picture, World Mart is East of the orange triangles, on the last street before crossing the river.

And if those directions don't help, here's a map:
World Mart

And if you still can't find it, at this point, just contact me and I'll give you a guided tour.

World Mart really only has Asian food, but a decent selection (for Chungju) from different countries. My favourite offering: dried chickpeas! Other places of note for foreign food: Elim's House (Phillipine goods, located by Emart) and a Chinese store close to the market. Emart itself has a pretty good selection of foreign foods itself, but give the smaller places a shot first.

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