Sep 2, 2012

brussel sprouts

They do exist in Korea!!!
This is the first time, in my 2.5 years here, that I've ever seen them fresh anywhere. I did see them one time, in frozen form, at the foreign food mart in Itaewon, but I passed always hoping for fresh. And my students always told me I could find them at the market, but that they'd be expensive, yet I never did. And today, magically out of nowhere, I stumbled upon them at Emart.

Maybe not everyone's favourite food, or something they'd miss out on. But cut in halves or quarters, tossed with olive oil, salt, pepper and then roasted is delicious. I have a feeling they're going to disappear again soon for who knows how long, so it's going to be brussel sprout time until then.

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  1. As a paleo eater, ill be on the lookout as well for some good veg! Thanks for this post. Are you still in Chungju ?