Sep 1, 2012

delicious chinese street bread

In Canada, I never really cared all that much for Chinese food. Generally it means buffet food, which I guess is ok because then I can just pick whatever is meat-less, but it was never really my thing.

And Chinese food in Korea has essentially been jajangmyun and japchae for me, which are both delicious, but otherwise I steer clear.

Well Chinese food in China is a whole different thing, naturally and thankfully. What I most enjoyed definitely had to be the street food, specifically the greasy, street bread. Doesn't sound appealing, probably not healthy on a regular basis, but on vacation, why not?

 This is kind of a... crepe, bread folded in half with green onions and egg in the centre. You can see the grease starting to seep through the bag and this was just after it was handed to me. This cost 3 yuan or $.47 Cdn.
 These are cut up slices from a big piece that kinda looks like a pizza. You can order this by the amount you want to pay and they'll weigh it out for you and then slice it up with a cleaver.
 And these guys are mini versions of the first one, with the bread being a little thicker and the contents only being green onion. 1 yuan each, 2 yuan total = $.31 Cdn.
 So I managed to forget to take a picture of a bread stand with the typical offerings, except for this one, and only because the cat was chilling out in the corner. But they're little shops that open out onto the street and are located most commonly within markets, but can be found on their own as well. Super greasy, like Chinese food in general, but super delicious, cheap and perfect when you're on the go. Which was my situation, as I was trying to cram in as much of China, in a 10 day span, as possible while still getting in some time to relax.
 I did get a shot in from a department store, but the offerings weren't quite as good.

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