Feb 28, 2012

tangeumdae park 탄금대공원

Looking at a map of Chungju, I decided one of the first places I'd like to visit was tangeumdae park, which meant a bike across the city. I arrived at the martial arts park and museum first, which looked pretty barren aside from two guys shooting around the waterless pond area for MBC.

I opted to cross the park towards the bike path, where there seemed to be some people. Finding a map, I checked out my prospects. The waterfall seemed the most interesting, but too far away... so instead I decided to lock up my bike, take the stairs and check out the views from the hill.

Upon reaching the top, I came across a lot of sculptures, my favourite being the Korean soldiers. A battle was fought, and lost, here against the Japanese. In the end, instead of surrendering and being captured, the Korean leader threw himself in the river to honorably die.

Following the paths, I came across some pretty nice views, of the city, mountains and bridges. It's definitely pretty spacious out here...

Mountains and bridges.

A nice place to rest and check out the views, before continuing along the path. Next, after going down a steep hill, I arrived at a temple.

And of course, you can't forget Buddha. All in all, a nice little trip, I'll definitely have to go back once spring sets in. But before making a return trip, I'll have to check out Jungangtap after seeing pictures of the pagoda all over Chungju.

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